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Fish with a dry rub crust on the Big Green Egg

This cook was undertaken to show how versatile bbq rubs can be as they use ingredients that work really well with other recipes cooked outdoors. Again, I used my favourite birch wood charcoal from The Oxford Charcoal Co. along with a cast iron grate and griddle.

The BGE was set at around 200c, a good overall grilling temperature and the one I use for fish. The recipe is simple and includes sea-trout and hake steaks, both prepared by cutting across the bone to create a thick chunk of fish which cooks well over charcoal.

The sea trout was cooked flesh side down directly on the cast iron plancha, my cast iron is well seasoned however, after heating to the cooking temperature I always wipe a little rapeseed oil over the surface prior to starting. I do the same with the grate to help prevent the fish from sticking.

The fish is very lightly seasoned with sea salt noting we will add the bbq rub later. Cook the fish on the grate for 3-4 minutes on one side getting an even crust before carefully lifting away and turning. Add the bbq rub on this top side, I have used Angus and Oink's The General which has a little heat and fennel seed; this works really well with fish.

After a further 2-3 minutes turn again and add rub on the other side, grill for a further minute then lift off and serve. I cooked roasted broccoli and potatoes with this meal.

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