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About BBQ Bill

BBQ Bill

After over 20 years cooking outdoors I am continuing on my BBQ & live fire cooking whole meals and barbeque on charcoal, wood fire and pellet grills.  When cooking inside or outdoors I find this is where I am my happiest showing my love through the effort and passion I place in my cooking then watching the enjoyment of others when they eat my food.  I have recently developed my philosophy of cooking all elements of my meals in an outdoor setting to the extent I rarely use the indoor kitchen at the weekends cooking outside all year round.

Cooking Philosophy

I love cooking well sourced UK meat for regular and barbecue meals.  I love using a range of techniques from low & slow, searing, grilling, roasting and hot/cold smoking along with cooking directly in the coals 'dirty' style.  I love using smoke as an ingredient matching single species woods and charcoals to specific meats, fish and vegetables.  My  personal favourite is seafood either seared or roasted on any of my outdoors cooking equipment, in particular live fire or hot charcoal.

Food Writing

My food writing is developing from the recipes and articles on this website and my social media pages. I now regularly write for the online publication UK BBQ Mag. I provide regular recipes for The Cornish Fishmonger and have featured on Turner & George's website. I am now developing this area into professional writing.


Photography is becoming my new passion and one which sits alongside my cooking perfectly. My skills are being developed as I take shots of mine and other people's food to record my journey. This is an area I wish to develop further in the commercial and editorial environments having had a number of my shots used in promotional campaigns.

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